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Photographs of
the Problems

The Outside of Priest House


As well as the obvious distress of the exterior paintwork, the main structure of the building had been rotting steadily over the last 400 years. Instead of foundations Priest House was built on oak beams placed directly on the ground. These 'sole plates'  needed replacing.

The photographs above and to the right are of the exploratory holes in the outside walls, baring the rotting beams. Had these beams not been  repaired or replaced then the prospects for the building were not very good!


Investigative work was roughly covered to keep out the worst of the winter weather prior to the renovation work commencing in 2009

As well as the main structure of the building much of  the exterior woodwork, including the windows and weatherboarding, also needed treating or replacing.


The lime render on the sides of the building showed signs of its age.

Once the major external work was complete the interior repairs and modifications were addressed.



Before Renovation

Line Drawing
Renovation Work 1
Renovation Work 2
Mid Renovation
New Interiors 1
New Interiors 2



Priest House, Doddinghurst
2010 - All Saints' Church, Doddinghurst